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MORE than 110 businesses and residents affected by the Sydney light rail project have registered their interest in joining a class-action lawsuit against the state government. Last year Central Sydney revealed the state

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SAFETY AUDIT AND ASSESSMENT OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE LANEWAYS IN THE CITY OF SYDNEY (S129267) 11. By Councillor Vithoulkas It is resolved that: (A) Council note: (i) the global community has been rocked

January 27, 2017 0 Comments

If you have been following my work in the City of Sydney for a little while, or my campaign for re-election last year, you would know that I’m really supportive of alternative government

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This week Uber (read: Google) has announced it’s latest offering, and it’s something a little different. The ride-share giant has created Movement  a platform that allows it’s large scale anonymised datasets to become accessible

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Do you know many female entrepreneurs or business owners? Are you a women that is considering becoming a business owner yourself? A recent report from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation has found that while

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Angela Vithoulkas at the Sydney H2 Expo, July 2016. On Monday 24th October I was very pleased to have my notice of motion to support innovation in Regional Australia (S129267) passed unanimously at

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Affordable and easily accessible childcare facilities are a critical enabler for young families living in the City and business owners. Modern demands on workers have a flow on effect to childcare facilities. The

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Australia’s population is ageing and this trend is reflected in demographic forecasts for the City of Sydney. By 2026, the local government area is forecast to see a 71.1 per cent increase in

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The 2013 Global Youth Index ranked Australia in the top position for youth participation in politics. Young Australians are increasingly likely to be engaged with their community and related causes through non-traditional means

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Oxford Street has lost its iconic status as a retail and leisure destination for residents and visitors to the City. The emphasis on Oxford Street as a transport corridor, including the clear way,