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Councillor Angela Vithoulkas Question on Notice

Community Notification Processes for Development Applications when considered by Committee/Council



24. By Councillor Vithoulkas


While the City notifies of a development application being on exhibition and provides a timeframe for submissions, does it then go back to those who have commented about specific development applications?

What is the process for notifying local residents, property owners and local business owners if a development application is coming to Council for consideration? What is the notification process? Who has responsibility for notifying these individuals and groups in this instance?

Answer by the Lord Mayor

Submitters are notified when an application is to be reported to the Planning Committee/Central Sydney Planning Committee (CSPC) for consideration/determination. In addition, submitters are notified of the determination of an application whether it is determined under delegation or at Council/CSPC.

The notification requirements contained in the City of Sydney Development Control Plan 2012 provide (in Schedule 1 Section 1.9 Administration of submissions) that:

(5) Best endeavour will be made to contact people prior to the applicable meeting of the Council or the Central Sydney Planning Committee. However the onus remains on the person to seek information about meeting dates from the officer dealing with the application or the City website.

The letters sent to residents and property owners etc. notifying them of a development application contain the following note:

If the application is to be determined by a Committee or Council, Council officers will contact those who have made a submission, wherever possible, to inform them of the meeting date, once the agenda has been published. Please provide a daytime phone number, fax number or email address so we can contact you, as the short timeframe means it is not practical to post a letter.

All submissions received are acknowledged where contact details are provided. The vast majority of submissions are acknowledged via email. Where no email has been provided, submissions are acknowledged by letter. The email acknowledgement contains the following:

We will contact you by email to inform you if and when this application is referred to a Committee for consideration. Members of the public are entitled to speak at Committee meetings and have three minutes to present their issues.

The Planning, Development and Transport Committee generally meet in the Council Chamber of Town Hall. Agendas and reports for Council and Committee are usually available one week before the meeting on the COUNCIL 15 MAY 2017 QUESTIONS ON NOTICE 09532009 http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/council/about-council/meetings/councilmeeting-archive.

Copies are also available from the City’s One Stop Shop and Neighbourhood Service Centres. Council’s Secretariat Unit can be contacted on 9265 9333 to seek further information on meeting dates and times

Letter acknowledgements contain similar text.

As soon as the agenda for the Planning Committee is finalised, the planning officer responsible for the assessment of the application emails submitters confirming that the matter is to be considered by the Planning Committee. The email confirms the date and time of the meeting and provides instruction in relation to making arrangements to address the committee and accessing a copy of the relevant report/business papers. Where no email has been provided, the officer will telephone the submitter. If neither an email nor telephone number has been provided, a letter will be sent if time permits.

The Planning Committee agenda is normally finalised close of business Monday (or Tuesday morning) the week before the meeting. Business papers are normally available on Council’s website by close of business Tuesday. As such, submitters are normally notified that a matter is to be considered by the Planning Committee on the Tuesday or Wednesday preceding the meeting.

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