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Arthur Sinodinos | Disruption and innovation will change business


You could say that Arthur Sinodinos’ approach to politics is grounded in his love of economics which, in his words, helps to explain what’s happening in the world and how it works.

While he is Newcastle born and educated Arthur has also spent a considerable amount of time working in the nation’s capital, Canberra, first as a public servant then as one of Prime Minister John Howard’s closest advisors and confidants. 

When talking about his role as Howard’s chief of staff he is quick to acknowledge the previous Prime Minister’s passion for small business and committed work ethic.   A strong believer in ambition he is also a fan of disruption and relishes the opportunities that the digital economy bring to small businesses and startups.   This passion will no doubt come in very handy as he takes the reigns as Australia’s Minister for Innovation.

As with many involved in the public spotlight Arthur has seen his fair share of tough moments.  So what is his advice for SMEs and startups in dealing with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.  He says ‘when you know a train is coming at you think about it rationally and seek objective advice.  You also have to learn to compartmentalise yourself.  You also have to accept that not everybody is going to love you and you can’t please everybody’. 

Wise words indeed.

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