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Councillor Angela Vithoulkas Notice of Motion

Audio Description of City of Sydney Video Content

By Councillor Vithoulkas

It is resolved that:

(A) Council note:

(i) the City of Sydney’s Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2014-2017 sets out a vision where: the city is accessible and inclusive for everyone, all visitors to the City of Sydney are welcome, everyone can work and live in the city, City information is accessible for everyone, everyone can have a say and city life is accessible and inclusive for everyone;

(ii) under the Web Accessibility National Transition Strategy, the City of Sydney is required to ensure that its website complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0). Under these guidelines, all information on the website must be accessible and usable for people of all abilities, including older people as well as people with visual, hearing, cognitive or motor impairments;

(iii) video is increasingly being used to share messages and information with the Local Government Area and wider audiences. During April 2016, socialmedianews.com.au reported that unique average You Tube views for Australian audiences had reached 14,250,000;

(iv) the City of Sydney currently has a You Tube channel that contains a number of videos, with the most recent video titled Sydney Chinese New Year Festival 2016. The channel also has over 3,000 subscribers;

(v) audio description is the auditory narration of visual representations such as television programs, films and performances, during gaps in dialogue, it describes visual elements such as scenes, settings, actions and costumes; and

(vi) audio description of video content enables people who are blind or vision impaired to experience video presentations; and (B) the Chief Executive Officer be requested to:

(i) work with staff, the Inclusion Advisory Panel, Vision Australia and Media Access Australia to develop a framework to determine when audio description is required and prepare guidelines on how audio description is to be delivered;

(ii) audit existing videos, evaluate the City’s process for commissioning video, and delivering videos online; and

(iii) report back to Council via CEO update on the development of this initiative.

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