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Councillor Angela Vithoulkas Notice of Motion

Business involvement in the sustainable development of our city



3. By Councillor Vithoulkas

It is resolved that:

(A) Council note:

(i) the Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) framework for NSW Local Government has been a requirement of all councils since 2012.

The IPR framework provides an integrated approach to strategic and operational planning, including identifying the resources required for delivery and the need for ongoing monitoring, evaluation and engagement in the community;

(ii) as part of that framework, the City of Sydney enters into partnerships, sponsorships, agreements and MOUs, reference and advisory groups that provide specialist advice and guide the work of the City; COUNCIL 15 MAY 2017 NOTICES OF MOTION 09542009

(iii) the Sustainable Sydney 2030 Draft Community Strategic Plan 2017-2021 notes that the City economy is a key part of economic activity across metropolitan Sydney, acknowledging the role that the City has in supporting small and new businesses to grow to improve the diversity of our local economy. The plan also notes that improving everyone’s capacity to withstand major shocks and continual stresses in their lives results in a more resilient community;

(iv) encouraging collaboration between community organisations, business, government agencies and the community overall to harness resources to achieve shared outcomes is also noted as a key objective of the Draft Community Strategic Plan;

(v) more than 80 per cent of all businesses in the City of Sydney are defined as small business, employing over 100,000 people. Small business within the City is estimated to contribute more than $25 billion a year to the economic output of the city;

(vi) building resilience in the City of Sydney also involves ensuring the ongoing viability and sustainability of small business owners and operators; and

(vii) effective governance, partnerships and collaborations are key to achieving the outcomes set out in the Draft Community Strategic Plan 2017-2021; and

(B) the Chief Executive Officer be requested to:

(i) prioritise the range of opportunities for small business owners to easily engage with Council to share their ideas, insight and feedback on a broad scope of projects and issues that may impact their amenity and ongoing viability. This could include, but not be limited to, new or existing Council actions plans, State significant infrastructure projects, Council works and maintenance, major entertainment events and major construction projects;

(ii) investigate the option of having a small business representative on all advisory panels, including the panels that are currently part of the City of Sydney’s community engagement process;

(iii) investigate the option of having a small business representative on multi Government and/or inter-agency advisory panels and steering committees that are established for specific, one-off or continued purposes;

(iv) investigate the establishment of a Small Business Crisis Management Hotline to assist City of Sydney small business owners and operators manage the impact of City of Sydney planning or development decisions that have flow-on effects to their business. These impacts may include power and water outages, blocked pedestrian access to their premises, noise, the inability to receive deliveries and more. City of Sydney hotline staff would assist the callers through the provision of direct contact to the relevant agency and/or organisation involved in the incident; and

(v) report back to Councillors via the CEO update.


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