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Councillor Angela Vithoulkas Notice of Motion


It is resolved that:

(A) Council note:

  1. the City of Sydney offers a range of grants and sponsorships for business. The City’s grants and sponsorship program aims to strengthen Sydney’s competiveness, improve productivity and capacity, and promote business opportunities;
  2. under the current Grants and Sponsorships Program Guidelines 2016, all applications received by the City are assessed by at least three relevant City staff. Some applications may also be assessed by external parties with particular skills or professional expertise to contribute to the assessment process;
  3. Business Chambers and Associations, who represent small business owners in their associated precincts and work towards driving business engagement and development, currently apply for funding under a number of grant and sponsorship programs which include Business Improvement Grants, Village Business Grants and grants for commercial creative and business events;
  4. under the Village Business Grants Program, individual Business Chambers and Associations can apply for a grant of up $80,000 per annum;
  5. in December 2015, several business chambers and associations received less than their anticipated grant of $80,000 under the Village Business Grants program, leaving a shortfall that could impact planned business initiatives in their relevant precincts;
  6. on 20 January 2016, I convened a round-table discussion focusing on the Grants program. Executive members of the various local Chambers and Associations were invited. That discussion raised a number of issues with the current Grants process from the perspective of those who have applied for grants over the years;
  7. from this discussion a number of proposals were put forward to improve the grants process and outcomes;
  8. the City of Melbourne currently operates a number of independent assessment panels (external and internal) that assess requests for grants and funding across a number of areas including business, social enterprise, arts, festivals and events and more. The purpose of the independent assessment panel is:
  • to review, assess and provide objective, independent recommendations to Council in relation to funding for grants and sponsorship programs; and
  • to ensure that guidelines and assessment criteria endorsed by Council have been applied consistently and equitably for all applications; and

(B) the Chief Executive Officer be requested to:

  1. put in place changes that would facilitate the inclusion of experienced small business owners as part of the City’s grants assessment panel when reviewing, assessing and recommending allocations for applicants under future business grants programs; and
  2. assess the feasibility of applying some or all of the principles and procedures of the City of Melbourne’s independent internal and external assessment panels for grants and sponsorships.


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