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Calls to give small business a “formal voice” in Council decision making

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City of Sydney Independent Councillor Angela Vithoulkas has called on Council to ensure that small business owners are afforded the chance to participate in the City’s many advisory panels and groups that help shape the way that things happen across the local Government area.

“For way too long small business owners in the LGA have been overwhelmed by their immediate physical environment and underwhelmed by the lack of consultation, action, or concern from Council to truly understanding their needs or predicament,” Councillor Vithoulkas said.

At Monday night’s Council Meeting, Councillor Vithoulkas will propose a range of initiatives to ensure that small business is formally included and heard in the following ways:

  • Through the development of formal channels that help business owners share their insight and feedback about Council and wider government projects that can or will directly impact their business
  • By ensuring that there is a small business representative on current and future advisory panels or working groups
  • Ensure that there is a small representative on multi-Government or inter-agency advisory panels and steering committees established for specific or one-off purposes
  • The establishment of a Small Business Crisis Management Hotline to assist City of Sydney small business owners and operators manage the impact of planning or development decisions and their flow on effect including power and water outages, blocked pedestrian access to their premises, noise, the inability to receive deliveries, and more

“More than 80% of all businesses in the City of Sydney are defined as small, contributing more than $25 billion a year to the economic output of the city, yet they are rendered mute when it comes to having a say about issues that directly impact their amenity and bottom line. In a healthy democracy, it’s important to get all sides of the story before making decisions. The best way to ensure that the City of Sydney actually supports the ongoing viability of small business is to actually listen to what they have to say,” Councillor Vithoulkas said.

Media contact:

Angela Vithoulkas:    0413 611 334

Joanne Ryan:             0421 095 866

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