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Councillor Angela Vithoulkas Question on Notice

Childcare supply and demand within the Local Government Area



21. By Councillor Vithoulkas


Is there an oversupply of childcare centres in the local government area of the City of Sydney?

Is there any regulation that determines whether there is a need for additional childcare centres, or what type are required?

Does the Council monitor supply and demand and, if so, how?

Answer by the Lord Mayor

The City undertook a Child Care Needs Analysis in 2013 which identified a gap of 3,104 child care places that was projected to increase to a gap of 5,976 by 2031 should the supply remain the same.

Since 2013, the City has continued to monitor current and projected supply of childcare using the Child Care Needs analysis report as a baseline. The City collects supply data through a voluntary survey of child care providers and monitoring development applications.

The City has identified that some areas of the City are well placed to meet current and future demand, for example the Green Square and City South village area. However, some village areas such as Oxford Street have not seen the same level of growth and demand in these areas remains.

Since 2013, through efforts by the City to build new facilities, encourage developers to provide childcare centres through the development application process and voluntary planning agreements, there has been an net increase of 1573 new operating child care places in the City of Sydney, with an additional 1,678 potential places. Overall, this is an increase of 3,251 places, which is on track to meet the demand in 2030.

COUNCIL 15 MAY 2017 QUESTIONS ON NOTICE 09532009 The City’s Development Control Plan gives guidance on the planning and design of child care centres in the Local Government Area, and encourages new centres where new residential and commercial developments create the need for childcare. Childcare provision in new residential developments is encouraged on the basis of 6 child care places per 100 households, and in new commercial developments on the basis of 1 child care place per 1,450sqm of GFA. The DCP does not encourage a specific type of childcare.

Early Education and Care facilities are regulated through the Education and Care National Law and Regulation. These only regulate the operations of the service and do not determine where child care should be located.

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