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City to share ‘startup knowledge’ with regional Australia

h2expo-6Angela Vithoulkas at the Sydney H2 Expo, July 2016.

On Monday 24th October I was very pleased to have my notice of motion to support innovation in Regional Australia (S129267) passed unanimously at the first meeting of the new City of Sydney Council after the September election.

Sydney is currently the largest incubator for tech startups in Australia, with 64% of the industry located in Sydney. The bulk of those are located in accelerators and incubators in areas like the CBD, Ultimo, Surry Hills or Darlinghurst; in other words, the City of Sydney local government continues to shine as a hotbed of startup activity.

The tech ecosystem thrives on collaboration so I believe it makes sense for the City of Sydney to share and collaborate with other areas to build Australia into a sought after space for tech startups.  After all they have completed a huge amount of work in this space.

My proposal relates to encouraging the City of Sydney to share their startup knowledge and expertise with local Government areas outside of Sydney in the hope that their insight and experience will boost innovation right across NSW.

Now that the proposal has been agreed to the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Sydney will work with Local Government NSW (the organisation that represents all Councils in NSW) to share the City’s knowledge, research and networks.  Local Government NSW will then be able to promote these initiatives to Councils across NSW.

 I’m very much looking forward to seeing the outcome of this knowledge and expertise sharing exercise.

I was prompted to put forward this proposal following my awareness of some great things happening in the startup space in regional NSW.  One of those is the Silicon Paddock initiative that was launched on Monday 24th October in the City of Wagga Wagga. This is a really exciting project to put Wagga Wagga at the forefront of tech entrepreneurship, following their regional PitchFest in June.  Council have also agreed that City of Sydney City of Sydney CEO will write to Wagga Wagga Council to congratulate them on their work in the startup space.

Thanks to technology, innovative thinking is increasing right across this great country.  Sharing and collaborating is definitely the way forward.

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