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Clr Vithoulkas appointed State Ambassador for Earth Hour 2013

Earth-Hour-2010.-France-©-WWF-Nina-Munn_540x360-300x200Councillor Angela Vithoulkas of Living Sydney is proud to be appointed a State Ambassador for Earth Hour in 2013.

Councillor Vithoulkas will be involved as a media spokesperson and promoting Earth Hour to the City of Sydney residents and businesses.

Earth Hour

Earth Hour is the phenomenon that was started in Australia and embraced by the world and is returning at 8.30pm on 23 March.

Earth Hour is a gathering of the global community to show what one simple idea can achieve, and what one person’s actions can inspire. Thanks to community support, it has become the largest global movement for the environment.

More than just switching off lights for an hour

It is much, much more than a symbolic action of switching off lights for an hour; it’s a continuous movement driving real actions, big and small, that are changing the world we live in.

From new legislation in the Russian parliament to better protect seas from oil pollution, to the initiation of two huge reforestation projects in Africa – the impact of Earth Hour is widespread and real.

Switching to Renewable Energy

This Earth Hour is not just about switching off  lights as a show of unity in protecting the planet. We’re taking action and pledging to switch on to renewable energy (green power or solar energy).

Our planet is in serious need of our help. As energy demands and carbon emissions continue to rise, and the negative impacts of climate change increase, we must stop burning fossil fuels to meet our energy needs. And with electricity prices skyrocketing, there’s never been a better time to switch to clean, renewable energy.

Burning fossil fuels  including coal, oil and natural gas  to generate energy is in a large part driving the rise in global temperatures. In fact, burning fossil fuels has the greatest impact on the atmosphere than any thing else we do.

Extreme weather events such as heat waves, floods, droughts and bushfires are projected to increase in frequency and intensity unless changes are made.

Earth Hour Events

From outdoor acoustic concerts to candlelit picnics and neighbourhood BBQs, there’s no shortage of activities being planned around the country for Earth Hour!

Click here to find out more about what’s going on near you, or register your own event.


TIME:   8.30pm to 9.30pm

DATE:   Saturday 23rd March 2013

VENUE:  Australia-wide

WEBSITE:  Click here to visit the Earth Hour website and attend or register an event

Whatever you do, don’t forget to switch off the lights

at 8:30PM Saturday 23rd March.

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