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Councillor Angela Vithoulkas Notice of Motion

Construction, Safety and CCTV Cameras


3. By Councillor Vithoulkas

It is resolved that:

(A) Council note:

(i) the safety and security of our residents, businesses, workers and visitors to
the City of Sydney is paramount;
(ii) the City of Sydney actively works with other authorities like the NSW Police
Force to address crime and anti-social behaviour in the local government area;
(iii) specially trained security personnel are stationed at a City of Sydney control
centre monitoring 99 CCTV cameras at various locations across the city centre
24 hours a day;
(iv) extensive construction across the CBD brings with it screens, hoardings and
fences that block access and vision to construction sites and surrounding
areas. In the instance of light rail, above head height hoardings are not only
placed on the footpath, they are also placed in the middle of the road;
(v) it appears that the corridors created between the hoardings surrounding light
rail and other construction sites limit visibility and impact public safety;
(vi) construction zones and hoardings decrease activation, foot traffic and
vehicular traffic; and
(vii) construction zones are not adequately lit during the night and therefore create
safety hazards for our residents, business owners and visitors; and

(B) the Chief Executive Officer be requested to:

(i) write to NSW Police Local Area Commands to ascertain whether CCTV
cameras within the local government area are impacted by fences or hoardings
from construction zones;
(ii) ask our local area commands whether there has been an increase in assaults,
vandalism or other general crime in areas where construction zones have
decreased visibility and activation;
(iii) ensure that development application Conditions of Consent address safety
issues as highlighted in this Notice of Motion; and
(iv) report back to Council via CEO Update.

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