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Councillor Angela Vithoulkas Notice of Motion


It is resolved that:


(A) Council note:

1. Business chambers and other business associations play an important role in providing a voice for business that is independent of Government. At the same time, they work with local businesses to represent, stimulate and drive the local economy. Many business chambers are run by volunteers who also run their own businesses rather than paid staff;

2. The City of Sydney is signatory to the Small Business Friendly Councils program that was launched by the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner, in partnership with the New South Wales (NSW) Business Chamber, in September 2014. The Small Business Commissioner’s Office promotes business advisory services through the Small Biz Connect Program;

3. The City of Sydney currently offers competitive grants to business chambers and other organisations under various programs guided by the Grants and Sponsorship Policy;

4. A number of the City of Sydney’s grants programs are designed to further the objectives of Sustainable Sydney 2030 by supporting the enhancement of local economies to develop the capacity of small business. These programs include the Business Improvement Grant, Village Business Grant and Commercial Creative and Business Events grants; and

5. A number of business chambers located within the City of Sydney Local Government Area are Local Chamber Alliance partners of the NSW Business Chamber. The NSW Business Chamber provides support to these chambers through the Local Chamber Alliance Program and online portal which assists executive members of the various business chambers by providing, amongst other things, online education programs, including information about obtaining grants and sponsorships.

(B) the Chief Executive Officer be requested to:

1. Write to the NSW Business Chamber and the NSW Small Business Commissioner, seeking to discuss ways in which the City of Sydney can further support their work with local business chambers and business associations in our Local Government Area, including the delivery of tailored programs for business chambers and business associations which could encompass grant and sponsorship programs including the development of objectives, policies, budgets, risk analysis, strategies and timelines; and

2. Consider offering the use of training facilities located in the Local Government Area, if required, for the NSW Business Chamber and the NSW Small Business Commissioners office to deliver tailored grant and sponsorship training.

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