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Councillor Angela Vithoulkas Question on Notice

Green Square Community Facilities

Green Square Community Facilities (S129276)

6. By Councillor Vithoulkas


At the committee meeting of 27 November it was discussed that $540 million had been quarantined by the City to allocate to community facilities for Green Square.
1. What are these facilities?
2. How much has been allocated/budgeted for each facility?
3. Has the whole budget been allocated?

Answer by the Lord Mayor

The $540 million represents the value of capital projects delivered directly by the City of Sydney for Green Square. This figure is forecast through to 2025, noting that budget adjustments may be required during implementation. The total amount is for a range of public infrastructure and community facility requirements and can be itemised as follows:

Community facilities $232.2M
Parks and open space $14M
Streets and utilities $216.9M
Drainage $77M
Total $540.5M

The total estimated value of new public infrastructure in Green Square is $1.3 billion (calculated in 2015 prices). Much of this will be delivered as works in kind and land allocation via private development. Funding for this essential infrastructure and community facilities is fully allocated.

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