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  1. By Councillor Vithoulkas

It is resolved that Council:

(A) note that:

(i) Homeless Persons Week, an initiative of Homelessness Australia, will be recognised from Monday 5 August 2013 to Sunday 11 August 2013;

(ii) many homeless people have dogs as their only companions;

(iii) many homeless people suffer with both physical and mental health issues;

(iv) several Australian studies have shown quantifiable links between pets and better health, particularly mental health. Owning a dog is associated with better cardiovascular health and lower levels of stress and depression. Research conducted in Australia and Germany has shown that pet ownership is associated with better human health;

(v) canine diseases such as parvovirus, parainfluenza virus, distemper virus and adenovirus are all preventable with vaccinations;

(vi) homeless pet owners do not have the financial capacity to provide vaccinations for preventable diseases for their animal companions;

(vii) Project HoPe is an initiative of Dr Sam Kovac, a local veterinarian. It is a program, supported by Jewish House, a non-denominational crisis care provider, to provide free veterinary care to the pets of homeless people. Dr Kovac will be providing free vaccinations for dogs owned by Homeless people in the City of Sydney;

(B) support this important initiative by allowing the front steps of Town Hall to be used for the official launch of Project HoPe; and

(C) request that the Lord Mayor officially launch Project HoPe at 11.45am on 5 August 2013 on the front steps of Town Hall.



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