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Councillor Angela Vithoulkas Notice of Motion

Impact of construction on small business (S129267)


2. By Councillor Vithoulkas

It is resolved that:

(A) Council note:

(i) the New South Wales Government has publicly declared 2017 as the ‘year of construction’;

(ii) while public infrastructure continues apace, private development is also impacting small businesses across the local government area;

(iii) more than 80 percent of all businesses in the City of Sydney are defined as small business, contributing an estimated $25 billion a year to the localeconomy;

(iv) as the City of Sydney notes, small businesses are the foundation of our City’s economy;

(v) small businesses are often locked into long-term commercial leases of up to 10 years that are signed prior to construction concept, planning and implementation;

(vi) construction timeframes often stretch for months and years, causing disruptionand negatively impacting the ability of the business owners to trade and build their businesses; and

(vii) if commercial tenants wish to raise issues related to construction projects, they are often unsure who to contact to voice their concerns or to raise objections; and

(B) the Chief Executive Officer be requested to:

(i) investigate the possibility of implementing formal measures that will assist small businesses in the local government area negatively impacted by long term major construction;

(ii) investigate how development applications could be amended to:

(a) nominate a staff member within the planning department as a point of contact for small business owners to raise issues and resolve problems in a timely manner for the life of the development; and

(b) develop protocols where a developer/builder would formally communicate directly with small business owners impacted by their construction timetable and/or construction zone to ensure that best practice is maintained and to minimise the economic impact on the

business throughout the life of the project; and

(iii) report back to Councillors via the CEO update


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