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Is Sydney Ready? Working together for a resilient City


Michael Berkowitz speaking at the Sydney Townhall, November 2016.

Last night was the latest event in the Citytalks series, Is Sydney Ready? Working together for a resilient city.   Earlier in the day Michael Berkowitz, President of 100 Resilient Cities spoke at a roundtable at Town Hall that was attended by the Lord Mayor, Councillors and representatives from Councils around Sydney and the Greater Sydney Commission.  At that roundtable event Michael spoke briefly of the Resilient Cities project as well as addressing some of the issues specifically related to Sydney.  Representatives from other Councils across Sydney also shared their thoughts on issues that were specific to their local Government areas including challenges with affordable housing, infrastructure and climate change.

Resilience refers to the capacity of individuals, communities, institutions and systems within a city to survive stresses or shocks.  At the event last night various speakers discussed major issues that could affect local residents and society inn general. Discussions included issues and challenges like affordable housing, infrastructure and climate change.

Along with affordable housing, transport options were also highlighted as a potential issue for future generations in Sydney. There’s no denying that transport issues are already a commonly complained about issue. Parking is difficult and expensive, public transport is often chaotic and cyclists face dangers on the road. The strain of the expected population growth could push the current system beyond it’s capabilities.

What issues do you see for Sydney over the next 2-3 decades? Get in touch, I’m always looking to hear the  thoughts of residents.

If you weren’t able to attend last the public event last night you can watch the full discussion here.

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