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Kings Cross rally against eight-story apartment complex

On Saturday, I was invited to speak at a Kings Cross rally in protest of a proposal to demolish the iconic Bourbon and Beefsteak Bar and other surrounding buildings to make way for an eight-story apartment complex. Over 250 passionate community members stayed through the rain to listen to the speakers and fight for their homes and businesses.

Much like the Light Rail fiasco, construction will affect the livelihood of many hardworking small business owners in the area. Many business owners are worried that their businesses won’t survive the construction period which could take over 2 years. Residents are fearful of losing their amenity and the character of Kings Cross through the development.

No decision has been made on the proposal yet, but it will be going to the new State Government appointed Local Planning Panel – not councillors who were elected to represent their constituents.

Bad outcomes happen when communities are disregarded and their concerns are not addressed.  Government always seems to think that when people speak up it’s because they are against progress – they are NOT. They are against having their lives destroyed or impacted negatively, especially when there are no solutions offered to them.

It seems that community and small business consultations are a myth.

People from all around NSW are concerned this could set a precedent. Development applications are no longer just in your backyard; they can and will impact the amenity of several suburbs around them and impact on local infrastructure, schools and playing fields.

Why doesn’t the NSW Government think about their people? Why is their behaviour so consistently poor?

Let me know if this is happening in your neighbourhood anywhere in NSW by emailing – angela@vivocafe.com.au

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