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  1. By Councillor Vithoulkas


The 2013 LGNSW conference is to be held in Sydney. As part of the conference organisation, there is a Partners Program for those partners  accompanying delegate attendees.  One of the activities listed on the Partners Program is the:

Artisan Cheese and Wine Appreciation Course/Tasting Thursday 3 October 2013 1.00pm – 2.30pm $100.00 pp
The day will be hosted by international cheese expert Claudia Bowman. Claudia will provide a unique and memorable master-class that is for both cheese novices and enthusiasts who have an experienced and discerning cheese palate. Maximum number of attendees: 30.

Ms Bowman is a member of the Clover Moore Independent Team political party, was on the Lord Mayor’s ticket at the last Local Government election and is featured on the Clover Moore website as a team member.

Which other cheese providors/cheesemongers/cheese educators were approached/ invited to provide an activity in the LGNSW 2013 Partners Program?

Who made the decision to award the business opportunity to provide a Partners Program service to a member of the Clover Moore political party?

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