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MEDIA RELEASE | Angela Vithoulkas – The Only True Independent in Wentworth

Angela Vithoulkas The True Independent for Wentworth

Putting Local People and Business First As Rivals Backflip


September 21, 2018: “The race for Wentworth has become “a circus” as candidates from all parties jockey for votes,” says Independent candidate, Angela Vithoulkas.


“Today we see so-called independent candidate, Kerryn Phelps, guided by her Labor Party advisor, suddenly change her story from last week that she was giving her preferences to Labor after gate crashing the Prime Minister’s press conference today.


“In a sudden miraculous change of heart, Ms Phelps now advises she is casting her preferences to the Liberal Party, but who can you believe?   This is exactly the type of circus voters are sick of – they want genuine, honest representatives who put their needs first and who won’t compromise their beliefs for the highest bidder.”


Tired of the circus which has ravaged politics for the past few years, Vithoulkas says she is fed up with the way the major parties have conducted themselves, and feels it is vital that the people have the right to take matters into their own hands again and cast their own preferences.


“All people who seek a truly independent representative should vote for me because they will then decide where their preferences go themselves – not me.


“This by-election in Wentworth has come about because of factional fighting – a Prime Minister has been deposed and now the taxpayer has to stump up big dollars to replace him in the Parliament.


“How can anyone trust our politicians when they constantly sell-out for a better deal?” Ms Vithoulkas said.


“I am in this race with a simple platform – put the local people and businesses first. I will not preference any other candidate or party in this race – my allegiances are clear.


“I believe the people of Wentworth deserve a proven advocate who can fight for them – and doesn’t need to worry about selling themselves off for a promotion in a Party down the line.


“I am in this for the people, and ready to fight for them,” Vithoulkas said.