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It is resolved that:

(A) Council note:

(i) the ongoing, close and beneficial relationship between the City of Sydney Council and the City Of Sydney SES Unit. The City provides resources, accommodation and support to our local unit of dedicated volunteers;

(ii) the SES is a volunteer organisation made up largely from local communities that exists to protect lives and property, particularly during storms, floods and other natural disasters;

(iii) on 20, 21 and 22 April 2015, the violent storms that affected Sydney were declared the most severe this century;

(iv) the immediate and tireless efforts of SES volunteers have made an enormous difference to all those who they came to help;

(v) the City Of Sydney SES Unit received 135 requests for assistance and all were completed by a team of 52 volunteers over two days;

(vi) that residents, business owners and workers of the City Of Sydney who have been helped by SES volunteers during the storms and the aftermath are thankful for the help they have received;

(vii) the City of Sydney SES Unit greatly benefited from the use of a Council ute made available to them to quickly respond to a series of small jobs, participate in reconnaissance of known trouble spots, check on known vulnerable residents, and quickly deliver sandbags;

(viii) this allowed the redeployment of the Swift Water Response truck to another unit, and the main SES truck and associated team to continue on with larger jobs, resulting in a faster resolution of jobs so local residents could be helped sooner; and

(ix) the loan of the vehicle meant that SES volunteers could use the ute instead of their own private vehicles to perform their duties as they so often do; and

(B) the Chief Executive Officer be requested to:

(i) write to the City of Sydney SES Unit congratulating them on their outstanding and tireless work for the community, in particular with their recent efforts during the April storms;

(ii) write to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, The Honourable David Elliott, MP, requesting the Government acknowledge the tremendous efforts of the City of Sydney SES during the April storms and ask the government to ensure continued funding and adequate resources are provided for their dedicated voluntary efforts, in particular vehicle asset procurement; and

(iii) report back to Council via the CEO Update.

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