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6. By Councillor Vithoulkas

It is resolved that Council:

(A) note that:

(i) the City is to be commended for the excellent work of the City’s History Unit, particularly the Oral History;

(ii) Sydney Oral Histories showcases some of the City of Sydney’s many oral history interviews;

(iii) the City’s History Unit’s expanding oral history collection reflects diverse aspects of the lived experience of Sydney’s history;

(iv) each oral interview is presented in full and as an excerpt, in both sound file and full transcription forms, to allow for fully accessible browsing and research;

(v) there are six dedicated collection themes relating to personal recollections about Sydney;

(vi) the City has an extensive collection of photographic material representing the diverse and cultural contributions made by the people of Sydney;

(vii) the City is currently undertaking renovations to the public areas of Town Hall House;

(viii) “digital listening stations” offer an opportunity to showcase both visual displays and audio presentations in a non-obtrusive way to those around them;

(ix) the City’s oral history sound files with their associated visual material are ideal for use with a “digital listening station” to allow visitors to Town Hall House, Neighbourhood Centres and Libraries the opportunity to access the oral history stories and visual material while they visit; and

(x) the current renovation work may offer an opportunity to install a number of “digital listening stations”; and

(B) request that the Chief Executive Officer:

(i) discuss with the City’s Historian the opportunity of sharing the City’s oral history with visitors to Town Hall House, Neighbourhood Centres and Libraries via “digital listening stations”;

(ii) investigate the feasibility of installing an appropriate number of “digital listening stations” in Town Hall House, Neighbourhood Centres and Libraries; and

(iii) report back to Council via a CEO Update on the viability of the installation of “digital listening stations”, where suitable, in Town Hall House, Neighbourhood Centres and Libraries as appropriate.


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