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Oxford St Plan


Oxford Street has lost its iconic status as a retail and leisure destination for residents and visitors to the City. The emphasis on Oxford Street as a transport corridor, including the clear way, has made the area inaccessible and unattractive to retailers and small businesses.

During the 2016 local election, Angela Vithoulkas put forward a plan to re-vitalise Oxford Street, including a proposal to reduce the transportation workload in order to reduce non-local traffic and increase parking. More than 60,000 vehicles travel along Oxford Street every day. This compares to 33,000 for the Cross City Tunnel and 100,000 for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The strip and its surrounds have suffered from a lack of co-ordination, few public amenities and low diversity in terms of retail and complimentary leisure options. We need to bring life back to the iconic street and its surrounds for the benefit of local business owners and residents.

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