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Councillor Angela Vithoulkas Question on Notice



Does the City have a policy or set of guidelines about the types of flora planted below powerlines in residential areas?

Is the maximum height of the trees and bushes taken into consideration when planting seedlings under powerlines?

What was the cost to Council in the financial year 2014-2015, 2013-2014 and 2012-2013 of pruning, trimming or removing trees and shrubs under powerlines?

Answer by the Lord Mayor

The City’s Street Tree Master Plan, adopted by Council in 2012, outlines the species of tree to be planted in every street within the Local Government Area.

The Master Plan outlines the numerous factors considered in determining tree suitability, including the tree’s mature height and ability to prune the tree around powerlines, buildings and allowing for road and pedestrian clearances.

Ausgrid assume responsibility for pruning trees around the powerlines.

They engage contractors to perform these services, which occur on an annual basis.

Therefore, Council has not occurred expenses for the powerline pruning work over the requested financial years.

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