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  1. By Councillor Vithoulkas

It is resolved that Council:

(A) note that:

(i) Prince Alfred Pool was formally opened by the Lord Mayor on 19 October 2013;

(ii) the pool offers a wonderful facility for the people the LGA as well as those from wider Sydney;

(iii) the designers have given exemplary consideration to addressing the particular needs of people in wheelchairs and those with infants and young children in the changing facilities and amenities block;

(iv) the City has met all the appropriate accessibility requirements for this facility;

(v) there are multiple areas, including the café, the change rooms, the grassed areas that provide disabled access;

(vi) the City is to be commended for offering water safe wheelchairs to wheelchair bound pool users, thereby creating a swimming opportunity that has otherwise been denied to them;

(vii) the umbrella shaded terraced seating area offers a large area for family groups;

(viii) the umbrella shaded seating area offers the best viewing supervision vantage points of the pool from the terraced seating;

(ix) the Royal Life Saving Society Australia advocates that supervision is the best form of water safety with their keepwatch@PublicPools program;

(x) the umbrella shaded terraced seating area is only accessible by stairs, thereby preventing access to wheelchair bound patrons and forcing those with prams to lift them up the stairs in order to access the area;

(xi) there is a small recess of approximately 3 metres in length at the ground level offering limited shade that can be used by wheelchair dependent visitors to the pool;

(xii) a 3 metre long area is too small to accommodate more than 1 wheelchair at a time; and

(B) request that the Chief Executive Officer:

(i) investigate the possibility of installing a ramp access to the umbrella shaded terraced seating area; and

(ii) report back to Council with the results of those investigations via a CEO Update.


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