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  1. By Councillor Vithoulkas

It is resolved that Council

(A) note:

(i) the City of Sydney owns the Kings Cross car park;

(ii) a car market is permitted to operate at the Kings Cross car park to facilitate the sale of backpackers’ vehicles;

(iii) the Lord Mayoral Minute of 22 August 2011 states: The proposed car market would be limited to 40 spaces, operating 24 hours from Monday to Thursday, 9.00am–5.00pm Friday to Sunday. Backpackers will not be allowed to stay in their vehicles overnight and would be charged approximately $70 per week to use the market;

(iv) sleeping in vehicles represents a safety risk for the occupants;

(v) sleeping in the vehicles for sale at the Kings Cross Car park is not permitted; and

(vi) there are instances of people sleeping in their vans; and

(B) request that the Chief Executive Officer:

(i) arrange for regular inspections of the dedicated vehicle selling areas to establish the numbers of van sleepers;

(ii) provide information to them that sleeping in the vans/vehicles is not permitted by Council;

(iii) report back to Council (via CEO Update) on the number of people sleeping in vehicles at the Kings Cross car park in a three month period; and

(iv) consider how to best manage this risk both to the occupants and to Council.


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