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Councillor Angela Vithoulkas Question on Notice



What is the City doing to help support, celebrate and encourage female indigenous artists and artisans?

Does the City provide assistance with helping female indigenous artists and artisans to develop financial and business skills so they can make a living from their creativity?

What opportunities does the City support to develop the business and creative skills of these women?

Are mentoring programs supported by the City whereby existing successful creative businesswomen can share their experience, know-how and financial skills with emerging female artists and artisans?

Answer by the Lord Mayor

City support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists has been an ongoing focus of the City’s Grants and Sponsorship programs and through development of our civic collection.

The Eora Journey program, in particular, has sought to ensure opportunities are made available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and entrepreneurs.

The Recognition in the Public Domain public art program has been proactive in building capacity and providing opportunities for artists.

Through all of these initiatives, many female Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists have been supported.

Additionally, the City’s Eora Journey Economic Development Plan (currently in development) identifies actions that will support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurs, employees, and students, and includes a specific focus on the creative sector.

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