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Sydney named as one of the cities on Hyperloop’s radar

Ever heard of a Hyperloop? More specifically, Hyperloop One? The brainchild of industrialist Elon Musk.   

The Hyperloop one is a pod based tubing transport system that is potentially capable of speeds higher than that or most commercial airlines. Sounds pretty cool to start with. the system is currently being built and developed at the 100, 000 square foot Metalworks fabrication centre in North Las Vegas. Check out this video from the Hyperloop team of the system:

In a city that has had consistent transport issues I’m a strong believer that technology needs to be harnessed to solve our problems.  Sydney is currently one of between 25-35 cities that are shortlisted as possible places that the hyper loop could be built. That’s after more than 2,600 proposals were registered in five months, and the semifinalists come from just 17 countries.  While it may look to some to be a pipe dream the hyper loop project has been able to raise $160 million to build the transportation system as of February 2017.

Obviously, Sydney currently has a light rail in progress, early planning and drafting of the Sydney Metro in development as well as an ongoing movement to remove driving from the CBD area to create cycle paths and walking.   It is probably more likely  that if the Hyperloop were to come to Sydney, we would see the technology employed for high speed travel for people and goods between the CBD and the outer suburbs of Sydney that traditional public or transport has been unable to effectively do.

It has been reported that the Hyperloop is capable of both below and above ground travel. I couldn’t help but think of Sydney’s now defunct monorail, a symbol of high-cost and ineffective transport initiatives not just in Sydney but globally as well. In fact, it’s so synonymous it has it’s own Simpsons episode!

Que Monorail song!

Naturally, as a local politician and someone that cares sincerely about my city, I’m open to all opportunities to improve Sydney, it will be interesting to see where Hyperloop One ends up over the coming months and years. 

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