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Media Release: Sydney Restaurant Decision Sets Dangerous ‘Red Tape’ Precedent

A restaurant that is part of a new development on Cleveland Street, Redfern, will become the first business that must develop, implement and report annually about its customers travel patterns and movements following the passing of a Development Application (DA) containing a Green Travel Plan by the City of Sydney Council on Monday night.

‘This is concerning because it sets a new precedent which firmly places an outrageous level of compliance firmly on the shoulders of small businesses. Never before have restaurant owners been required to hire or nominate traffic plan co-ordinators to deal with gathering information about how people are travelling to and from their restaurant. Also, there’s nothing to stop this monitoring and reporting requirement being rolled out across other small businesses in the City of Sydney LGA’, Independent Councillor Angela Vithoulkas said.

Councillor Vithoulkas put forward an amendment to remove the Green Travel Plan requirement from the DA. The amendment was not supported by a majority of Councillors who voted against it.

‘To expect a restaurant or food and beverage shop to formulate their business plan around having to promote, manage, survey and facilitate the travel options of their customers is bizarre. To then have to set the targets to measure and report back to Council flies in the face of the Small Business Friendly Councils memorandum of understanding (MOU) that the City of Sydney signed with the NSW Small Business Commissioner last September’, Councillor Vithoulkas commented.

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Read more about it here – Green Travel Plan press relese 2 July 2015

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