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Tech & Startup Policy


The Sydney Start-up scene is a powerful and important driver for Sydney’s economy. We currently have the largest technology and startup ecosystem in Australia, with 64% of Australian based startups living and working in Sydney. According to Startupaus.org more than $100 billion is generated within the City of Sydney alone from start up and tech businesses. Even more impressive, with only 1200 tech start ups in Australia, they represent 0.06% of Australian business.

Sydney needs to support and foster further growth for start ups. Angela Vithoulkas and the Sydney Matters Team developed strategies to improve the ammenities of the start up scene in Sydney during the 2016 local election. Some of the City’s property assets could be dedicated to the tech startup ecosystem as part of a comprehensive and innovative strategy put forward to ensure that Sydney is ranked among the global leaders.

The Tech and Startup policy put forward is intended to create future employment and economic prospects for the city by pursing the cities capability to be a tech powerhouse.

 Read the Tech and start up Policy.

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