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  1. By Councillor Vithoulkas

It is resolved that Council

(A) note:

(i) the Alcohol Community Action Project (ACAP) is a pilot project, funded by donations, that supports people and organisations who want to prevent and redress alcohol-related harms in their communities across NSW in collaboration with the NSW government, local councils, police, health and the industry;

(ii) the ACAP helps explain to residents the complexities of problematic liquorrelated Development Applications (DAs), liquor licensing and related approvals, and complaints about liquor outlets;

(iii) ACAP helps people within communities to mobilise and achieve:

(a) a community free from alcohol-related harms so everyone can safely enjoy public spaces day and night;

(b) an informed and equal say on all liquor-related decisions that impact upon their community; and

(c) a community that is not unfairly burdened with the high costs and dislocations of alcohol-related harms arising from the supply, promotion and availability of alcohol;

(iv) ACAP offers their advisory service free of charge to the community;

(v) 80% of NSW adults believe that Australia has a problem with excessive drinking or alcohol abuse (source: Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education);

(vi) the cost of alcohol in NSW – the total societal cost of alcohol abuse in New South Wales to be $3.87 billion per annum, or $1,565 per household. This includes lost productivity in the workplace and home, which accounts for the largest portion of total costs (source: BOSCAR);

(vii) the number of alcohol related hospitalisations in NSW in 2012-2013 was 51,981 (source BOSCAR);

(viii) the City of Sydney has the highest number of licensed venues per capita in NSW 9 source City of Sydney);

(ix) ACAP requires funding to continue this important work as a community advocate; and

(x) in the City of Sydney in 2013 there were 446 reported cases of alcohol related violent assaults(source BOSCAR); and

(B) request that the Lord Mayor write to the Premier, Mike Baird, requesting that the Government provide funding to ACAP to continue its important community advocacy work.



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