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  1. By Councillor Vithoulkas


  1. In regard to the Cogent contract failure to proceed with Trigeneration at Green Square, is Council prevented from seeking a commercial relationship with any other energy provider?
  2. Are there any binding contractual restrictions, other than confidentiality to the failed contract, on Council?
  3. Will any future trigeneration partners be sought by tender?
  4. Given the Lord Mayor’s statement, in relation to the failed Cogent contract, 17 June 2013 “This is a momentary setback”, what is the time frame for seeking appropriate partners for the Green Square trigeneration project?
  5. What regulatory changes does Council believe are required to allow a trigeneration project such as Green Square to be economically viable?
  6. Would regulatory changes result in the residents or business owners receiving services at a lower overall cost than the existing costs, or would it simply result in a transfer of costs from one stakeholder to another and provide no savings or possible price increases for the consumer?


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