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Councillor Angela Vithoulkas Notice of Motion


It is resolved that:

(A) Council note:

  1. the Sydney Writers’ Walk consists of a series of brass plaques bearing the names of notable writers who reside in or visited Australia;
  2. the brass plaques were installed into the footpath in 1991, extending from the International Passenger Terminal to the Sydney Opera House forecourt at East Circular Quay;
  3. the plaques detail the name, date of birth, date of death (as applicable) as well as the accomplishments of the writer;
  4. the details on a number of existing plaques are now out of date due to the death of some writers;
  5. the plaques are located on land owned by the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Ports and Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority;
  6. the plaques are relevant to acknowledging writers, especially during the annual Sydney Writers’ Festival; and
  7. the City of Sydney provides substantial sponsorship for the Sydney Writers’ Festival that supports the City’s Creative City Cultural Policy objectives of Sharing Knowledge, Precinct Distinctiveness and a Partner for Big Ideas; and

(B) the Lord Mayor write to the NSW Minister for the Arts to:

  1. request the out-of-date plaques be updated, as a matter of urgency, prior to the Sydney Writers’ Festival that will be held between 16 and 22 May 2016; and
  2. request that the Minister also explore the possibility of extending the walk to acknowledge the lives and achievements of additional distinguished writers; and

(C) a report back be provided to Councillors via the CEO update.


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