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Women in Business | Grow your business with technology

Many women running a business can become so caught up in its day to day affairs that they can forget to check or organise their finances and measure their efforts.


I recently had Shaynna Blaze come and chat with me on the latest episode of The Brew. During our interview she talked about her ambassadorship with Intuit QuickBooks.

Blaze told me that 1 in 5 women have financial challenges in running a business, and that having the QuickBooks app on her phone makes it much easier to keep up with the accounting.

If you can use Instagram and Facebook, [then] you can organise your finances.

This got me thinking – what other ways can women keep on top of their business priorities and finances? What other ways can we utilise technology to help us grow our businesses?

Outsource menial tasks

Is your business going to flourish when your precious time is spent wasted doing tasks that could be done by someone else? Outsourcing everyday errands or tasks like social media management will mean that you can focus on the biggest priorities for your business. Hiring an accountant, bookkeeper, social media manager, or marketer will mean you have more time to do what you do best in your business.

Timesheet with your phone

Invoicing clients can be hard if you’re not sure how long it took you to finish a project – many of us can either forget to check the clock or can let time run away with us once we get absorbed. Luckily there are now apps that you can use to track your working time and report on it.

Apps like Toggl can take the stress of figuring out your billing hours. QuickBooks itself has a timesheet feature.

Network with the best

Networking is a powerful way of building new relationships and finding mentors (or even mentees!). You never know when you might need a certain connection, and getting asked for help can be the coolest feeling in the world.

Use apps like Meetup to find networking events, or find your nearest business centre and check their calendars. Australian and New Zealand mentoring services dedicated to women include Her Business and Inspiring Rare Birds, which help women network, connect, and promote their businesses.

Listen to my interview with Shaynna here.

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